Welcome! Bienvenue! Welkom! Bienvenidos! Willkommen! Benvenuti! Fáilte! Aloha! Tanyán yahípi! Brukhim Ha-Bo’im! Pe’el!

Hello, I am Shannon Marlow du Plessis and I am excited to hear about your project.

I lament the writing quality decline in our rush-to-post-online world. I create original web content, evaluate and remodel websites, produce corporate writing, and provide technical writing services (e-learning, documentation, online help). I eliminate embarrassing and potentially costly typos and errors, polish prose, and offer three levels of editing.


  • Web content and article writing—thoroughly researched, SEO-optimized, quality articles
  • Sharp-eyed editing—three levels offered
  • Online learning course creation—300+ created with knowledge of the importance of Bloom’s taxonomy and adult learning concepts
  • Website evaluating and remodeling—organization, content, SEO, and navigation
  • Text polishing—online and off
  • Corporate writing—policies and procedures, web content, communication
  • Social media posting—blogs, Facebook posts, and tweets to bring attention to your business and ensure your business stays relevant online
  • Large document projects—organizing and editing disparate documents to create a cohesive whole with a professional style and one voice
  • Technical writing—translating geek-speak to plain English, creating task-oriented online help and user guides that are actually helpful (and reduce the number of tech support calls), and ably talking with and understanding programmers—I married one.

I am also a professional photographer and can provide photographs to accompany articles; a picture and a thousand words.

 Shannon in a Nutshell

  • BBA in finance
  • 20 years of increasingly responsible professional business experience (budgeting, accounting, data analysis, IT software conversions, and adult training) in the public and private sectors
  • Incredible work ethic and Type-A attention to detail
  • 13 years of experience as a freelance writer creating award-winning online help, along with software user manuals, online training courses, and 500+ and counting online articles

Whether or not you know the reasons why “the piano was sold by the lady with the wooden legs” is terrible writing, you understand the need to have a great writer and editor on your team. Let’s talk.

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