Hello and welcome! I am Shannon Marlow du Plessis and I am excited to hear about how I can help you.

I designed this website so you can decide, in just a few minutes, if you believe my skills, experience, and personality might be a good fit for you.


My goal is to make your life easier and to help you and your organization look good by using my writing skills to your advantage.

I put my BBA in finance to good use the first 20 years of my career, and kept volunteering for writing projects. Realizing my talent for documentation after helping with three software conversions, I merged my love of writing and IT prowess into a career as a professional freelance technical writer and have been successfully getting my inner geek on while making clients’ lives easier since 2004.

I am a native English speaker, and deliver clear, concise, error-free writing that adheres to your guidelines. I’m like the little kid in the movie, The Sixth Sense, except I see typos and grammatical errors instead of dead people. I take my work, but not myself, seriously.

You get much more than a writer when we work together: you get a partner, a project consultant, a pair of fresh eyes, and someone who takes the time to “get” you and your company. Here are some other benefits of using me for your writing needs.

Writing Services

While my skills, experience, and love of learning new things make me suited to perform many kinds of writing tasks, most of my writing falls within four service areas.

  • Technical writing—translating geek-speak to plain English, creating task-oriented online help and user guides that are actually helpful (and reduce the number of tech support calls), and ably working with and understanding programmers—I married one
  • Corporate writing—producing policies and procedures and other internal documents and evaluating and remodeling business websites
  • Instructional design (e-learning)—creating online courses using Bloom’s taxonomy, adult learning concepts, and post-training learning reinforcement to combat the forgetting curve
  • Three levels of sharp-eyed editing—eliminating embarrassing and potentially costly typos and errors

Need more information? Here are my writing samples, resume, references , and a little more about me.

When you are ready, let’s talk. Proposals are always free.