Technical Writing

Context Sensitive Online Help

RezOvation GT is a reservation and guest tracking program. I created their context sensitive online help (now web-based), which won an award of merit in the Society for Technical Communication’s online help competition, and their QuickStart Guide. I used single-sourcing on this project (I’m a huge fan).

Software Administrator’s Guide

This award-winning administrator guide for county government software includes installation and configuration instructions for system administrators, an overview of the software module, and a data dictionary (originally created with FrameMaker).

Income Tax Class Training Manual

I combined my finance degree, work experience, and writing skills to create an income tax training seminar manual. The project required heavy topic research in addition to clear, succinct writing.

Style Guide

I believe that running a major writing project without a style guide is like driving without a map. Here are a few pages from a style guide I created for one of my projects.

Policies and Procedures

A real estate client needed policies and procedures on steroids—a 500+ page franchise operations manual for his real estate business. I drew on my 20 years of corporate business experience to ensure all areas were covered. The project required heavy editing, filling in knowledge gaps, and organizing over 100 disparate documents into one professional manual. View an excerpt from the manual and the table of contents.

e-Learning Instructional Design

Web-based Training

I created over 300 safety, HR, and soft skills training courses for Here are the storyboard and screenshots for the Dealing with Difficult People course.

Blended Learning

ExxonMobil created a program that used legal clauses to create fit-for-purpose agreements, which substantially streamlined their procurement process. A blended learning solution seemed the ideal way to teach the complex process to learners.

The blended learning solution I created contained the following components:

  • Powerpoint overview for the learners to watch before class
  • Powerpoint presentation shown to the learners (PDF of the presentation) in a classroom
  • Trainer’s notes to aid the trainer in switching between the presentation and demos
  • Scenarios built around the tasks learners would perform once they returned to their work areas—learners completed these in class as the trainer circulated and answered questions
  • Job aides for learners to take back to their offices to use as a memory refresher
  • A dedicated hotline set up for three months to help employees as they worked with the new contract creation system


Typos can be costly and embarrassing. I offer three levels of edit and typically do at least a basic edit during most projects because I just can’t help myself.

  • Website content before and after
  • 4,000 procedure pages for GASCO (UAE oil and gas company)—Prose Solutions (unable to show due to NDA, please contact me for a sanitized sample)
  • I am also good at making sure documents translated into English read as though a native English speaker wrote them so you don’t end up with something like this furniture package insert.


This is a representative sample of completed writing projects. Please inquire for additional samples.