“I needed someone who was organized, could meet a tight deadline, and who could manage our entire help project from start to finish with minimal input. Shannon turned out to be exactly the person I was looking for. I was impressed especially given that we made her figure out a lot of the program functionality on her own. Even with all the last minute changes we made before our release date, Shannon kept up the pace.”
Ben Littler, RezOvation Product Manager

“Shannon always delivers the quality work we need on time and with a fine eye for detail.”
Martha Hughes, President, Technical Arts Group

“Shannon was able to effectively write text for a subject that is ambiguous and complex at best. We recommend her highly for any technical writing project.”
Lynn Pasqualetti, President and Managing Partner, HLM Financial Group

“Shannon was invaluable in developing a critical component for our website with little interruption to our developers’ time or schedule. Her attention to detail also allowed us to see several inconsistencies in our product that needed addressing early on. We have been very satisfied with the help tools that she developed for us.”
David Altounian, CEO, iTaggit, Inc.

“We hired Shannon to write the help text for a rather complex web application that we had developed and could not have been happier with her work. She is extremely professional, both in the quality of her work and in the way she conducts business in general.”
Steve Michener, Geological Data Center Manager, Drilling Info