Outsourcing has become controversial, especially in the United States as companies are judged harshly for using cheaper labor based outside the U.S. I am based in Texas, was born here, and am a native English speaker. With me you get the benefits of outsourcing without the controversy. I am available to you when you need me, and not underfoot when you don’t.

Here are some ways outsourcing your writing needs to me benefits you.

Increased Productivity

  • I don’t have office distractions—no impromptu meetings or chatty co-workers.
  • I can work when weather would keep others from being able to drive to the office.
  • I am already at my desk working while most employees are still in traffic on their daily commute.
  • I set my own schedule according to project milestones we both agree to, and work the number of hours required to complete your project on time and within budget.

Better Work Products

  • Since I am a professional writer, I can deliver higher quality work products than an employee who has other duties and is not a professional writer.
  • Using the same writer provides continuity and consistency throughout the deliverables. I also keep a secure copy of the work I do for you for several years, when appropriate, just in case in you need it later.
  • I have become a valuable part of several organizations—they know they can call me when they need me, and I am ready to resume work without the learning curve a new writer would require.
  • I provide added value at no additional charge. As just one example, during one editing project, I kept a list of acronyms and their meanings, which grew to just over 1,250 entries. Sharing it with the other team members saved us all the considerable time we had been spending hunting for acronym meanings and ensured consistency.

Cost Savings

  • I save your organization the costs (43% of full-time employee costs on average) of employment taxes, insurance, and other benefits.
  • My home office uses the latest technology and software, so your capital expenditures do not increase as you do not need to find office space, furniture, or equipment for me. I am equally comfortable using both PCs and Macs.
  • No need to hire a full-time writer just in case—I am your source for writing on demand.

Environmentally Friendly

I work from my home office. Since I don’t commute, I don’t spew carbon emissions into the air and contribute to traffic problems. Much of my home office equipment is Energy Star certified.

A word of caution . . .

Trying to get quality writing on the cheap and using a non-native English speaker are the main reasons why many outsourced writing projects produce unacceptable results. I have been hired to fix unfortunate project results more than once. If you want it done right the first time, let’s talk.

See “Very Expensive Typos or Why You Should Hire a Professional Editor.”

Sure, you care about the environment. But when employees are allowed to work remotely, it helps Mother Nature in more ways than one. Telecommuters are far less likely to print out reams of paper than office workers are, and they are savvy when it comes to keeping their electrical usage to a minimum, too. It’s estimated that office equipment consumes twice as much energy as home office equipment energy consumption. And since telecommuters don’t have to drive to work, carbon emissions are greatly reduced, by as much as 1 metric ton per person annually.
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